Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kelis - 4th of July

This is the latest single by Kelis.  It's kind of related to the 4th of July by using fireworks as a metaphor for how one feels about another person.

4th of July (Original)
4th of July (Radio)
4th of July (Instrumental)

Download all three

Bond - Star Spangled Banner

It's Independence Day here in the US, so I thought I'd upload a patriotic song.  This is an instrumental rendition of our national anthem, 'The Star Spangled Banner' by the string quartet Bond.  This song was originally released for a compilation or something I can't remember, and is now available via iTunes as a bonus track for the album Classified.  I think this song was my very first iTunes purchase (back when it was available as a song on its own).

Bond - Star Spangled Banner